USA H1 and H4 drop box appointment applicant change

Hi, I have H1 and H4 visa drop box appointment in August 2023, but due to some problem I need to travel early in April 2023 and my dependents (Spouse and Child) will travel in August 2023.

What is the options applicable in this scenario?

1- Can I update the same appointment and remove my dependents details from this?
2 - Can I use the same DS160 and appointment and my dependents will be no show for drop box?
3 - Do I need to fill new DS 160 and take a new appointment just for my H1B stamping? In this case what will happen to the existing appointment which I have for H1 and 2 H4 stamping. Fees is already paid for three applicants.

Please advice.

I think you will need to cancel the existing appointment and book separately for you and your dependents and update the DS-160 one for you and another for your dependents. You should be able to reuse your visa fee reciepts.
You can also emai or call VFS to get theor guidance.