once you get refused on section 221g and the consular tell you send information asked information on the white slip
and same day i send the information asked on the email of the embassy and the embassy reply to your email and say . thank you for sending this information we will notify you once we have made our final desicion

its mean that im on admin process or what?
without forgeting that my status on the website is refused
any advice ?
is there a possibility that my status will change from refused to admin proccess?

what is my real status about my case im i refused? or on admin process

@Kumar legend what do you think? please give me the best advice

The online status can be very misleading at times. You need to wait for the physical copy of the decision or an official email that you get from them. Do not assume based on what you see online.

thank you, thank you for your advice best regard @Kumar

i still think that im refused, im not losing hope and i will wait till i got official copy or mail

@Kumar you have experience on this domaine what do you think about my case and the most important think what do you think about my US visa status?

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Well, it is hard to generalize. I do not want to give you false hope on anything. Based on our experiences and users experiences here, your physical copy of letter or email is the official response or decision. Anything you see online can be misleading at times.

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after one month of my interview can i mail the embassy about my case?

No wait almost six months now you can see your case is again in administrative process.because my case is also in administrative process since feb 2018.and still administrative process.