US Visa Stamping with Proclamation in place

Dear RedBus2US Community,

I am senior citizen in India.

My son is employed in US in a software company on L category visa.

He got married in January 20 wanted spouse to join his wife in US.

Accordingly he get his spouse application process though his company and VISA interview was schedule on 12 April 20.

Visa interview did not take place owing to lock down and then visa restriction is also imposed.

I would like to know now how to proceed for spouse’s visa application in view of recent proclamation of June 22 and opening of consulate in India .

Thanking u.

satyendu sinha

Good morning Mr. Sinha,

Thanks for reaching out. Congratulations on your son’s wedding. I assume that your son already has a valid L visa. His spouse might be exempt from President’s Proclamation 10014 because she is a dependent L-2 and not a primary H or L applicant. This needs to be verified with the local embassy of the city/state you reside in. A wife may be allowed to join husband under family unification grounds. Your son might need a US lawyer hired by the sponsor company to proceed further.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar

Thank you very much for your reply.