US Visa related query for B1/B2

I have planned a fixed program for US with family ( fixed because we want to use our children school holidays) , we would be staying with our family friends all the time and will travel with them in US ,and to ensure we have least trouble reaching at their place, I have already kind of booked our flights to their city which also is our point of entry, we intend to go mid oct so plenty of time and now I am about to apply for B1/B2 Visa, as I have my suppliers from US, I am considering having Business visa for myself and wife and for chidren -only tourist visa…our friends will send us a invitation letter mentioning we will be staying with them all this time now I would like to know if getting another sponsor letter too is agood idea?, Shoud I also ask my suppliers to send me some invitation letters? now do I need to ask my friend for some additional document too like their account statements, their status etc, he is in a JOB and is stationed in US by an Indian company.

I understand that actual balance in banks are not so important so I plan to have some 10-15K $ as balance in our statements and then we have our porperty , LIC doc etc- is this sufficient?

It is a good question and will also help others planning similar trips. Your friend’s invite letter clearly specifying dates of travel is important. Limited health insurance purchased for your dates of travel is also important. Showing that you have ties with US suppliers is good. Showing additional financial support from your business associates in US is not important and not a good idea. Your trip is straight forward, a short trip to the US when children are off from school. If you show too much financial support, it will demonstrate intent to immigrate, so keep it normal like any other trip (food, stay, travel costs only). Ties to India are important to show (job, family, school etc). A typical question - will your children like to stay back in the USA? The wrong answer ’ No, they will not.’. The correct answer ’ we don’t know, they are too young right now, at a time when they wish to pursue higher education in the USA, I will definitely encourage them to apply’.

Wish you all the success and a great visit

Sandeep Shankar, Ph.D.

Academic Advisor (India) to The Executive Director

Colorado Heights University

Denver, CO 80223, USA