US visa interview "Refused"

:mega: Hey everyone, seeking some insights and advice.
On March 1st, 2023, I had my SIV visa interview in Dubai. At the time, the consular officer informed me that my visa was approved. They held onto my passport, but on October 24th, 2023, they returned it without the visa stamp. Whatā€™s more puzzling is that the CECA website showed ā€œRefusedā€ in March and it still shows the same status. :pensive:

Along with my passport, I received a blue 221g paper with only ā€œAdministrative processingā€ checked. Iā€™ve been trying to get clarity on this since March but havenā€™t had any success. Despite multiple attempts, the US Embassy hasnā€™t responded to my emails from March to October. And when I try calling them, they advise to send an email, which goes unanswered.

Has anyone else faced a similar issue or have any advice on what steps to take next? Would appreciate any guidance or shared experiences. :pray: #SIVVisaIssues #NeedAdvice #HelpNeeded