US visa dropbox eligibility when personal information is changed in passport

I have a query regarding the US visa dropbox eligibility. I have my last visa stamped in my passport till Aug-2020. I got an extension in my petition. As of now it looks like I am eligible for dropbox appointment since it is within a 12 months period. My passport validity is June-2021. So, I
am planning to renew my passport now by adding my spouse name and a minor change in address for district in my new passport. So I want to check if I will still be eligible for dropbox appointment.

  1. If I add my spouse’s name in last page of new passport
  2. If I have address change in last page of new passport

Please let me know the answers for these two questions.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Yes, you should be fine
  2. yes, it should be fine.

The questions for dropbox are not tied to the Passport details, they are more dependent on the US visa validity and expiry.