US Visa Dropbox Appointment - Mumbai - Availability - Wait Times

This is a community contributed thread. Please add a screenshot or US Visa Dropbox Availability Dates for Mumbai US Consulate here. It will be very helpful for anyone planning for US Visa stamping using Dropbox.

Dropbox Slots availability in Mumbai as of Sep first week, 2019. There are about 370 slots given per day. The greyed out ones are the ones that are filled out or holidays.
Thanks to Sagar Mehta for sharing it here with us. He blogs at

Hi Kumar, nice topic to start with to give idea about available dates. Do we have similar topic for availability at locations going for stamping (not Dropbox). Or is there any way one can go and check it.

Thanks a lot.

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For Stamping, you can check directly on the the website :

Dropbox availability date @Nov 5th, 2019

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@MumbaiMS, thanks for sharing !