US Visa Dropbox Appointment - Hyderabad - Availability - Wait Times

Count me . I’m try to book a slot for January 2020 for Dropbox and it’s greyed out.If someone see they open post it here


Traveling first week of jan, hoping the dates would open soon :frowning:

Folks, dates available now. Enjoy


Yep. Plenty available. Thanks.

Can you please share the screenshot if possible… My account has frozen…Thanks.

If anyone posts the dates can you check if Dec 31 is available. It was not when I saw it.

find the drop box dates in JAN2020 for HYD location.


Can you please share for Chennai location?

Yes dates are available now for hyd

can any one share availeble drop box dates in Hyderabad thanks

Hi All,
Can someone please share dropbox appointment availability for the month of February 2020? I need to know if appointments are available soon!
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Kumar: Do you have any information about dropbox appointment availability for Feb 2020 in Hyderabad?

Below is the current availability.

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Thanks for adding the availability @h1b2015TCS !

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Helloo, does anyone see dropbox availability at hyderabad for march yet?

Hi, Can someone please share the dropbox availability for the Feb 2nd week ? Have to plan India visit accordingly.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Availability as of Aug 31-2020

As of August 31st 11:PM EST. No appointments available.

Please post updates if anyone notice any slots for Dropbox in October 2020

Hello, I have been looking to find drop box availability date for my parents B2 visa. Havent had success yet.
I am curious how often does the consulate office release dates? is it daily or weekly or monthly? Is there a particular day of the week or a time of the day that is good to watch out.

At this current pace, I am refreshing this page every few hours to find slots, that not ideal, imo.

Thanks for all your help!