US Visa Drop Box Appointments in India

Hello RedBus Blogers, Good Day.

I am on H1 B and checking to see if US Visa drop box appointments are available In India ( any city ) . If I am trying to book this week ( Feb 14th 2022 ) , What is the Probable Date I may get the Drop box appointment. I am open to any city , because i can only go on 20 days vacation.

How many days it will take to get Passport back after Drop Box appointment.

Alternatively, Can I go to Canada or Mexico ( any city) for Interview. Which country you prefer and what is probability of getting Visa stamped in Canada or Mexico.

If any other Information is helpful on this subject, Pls post your views and information/ ideas.


I only will answer my question. When i paid the visa fee on 14th feb 2022 , First availability date for Hyderabad is Nov 2022 . New Delhi is Oct 2022 . I think if any cancellations are there, we can get earlier dates. Thanks.

Hello Kiran-
I am in the same boat , checking slot availability everyday - no luck yet . Were you able to book an appointment yet for March or April ?
Thank you,