US Visa Appointments slots are not available for Stamping - Options?

Hi all,

I am trying to book an appointment for Mumbai Consulate for a J1 visa (Research Scholar Category).

However, I can not schedule a consular appointment. It says “there are no currently appointment slots available”.

I can get an appointment for Fingerprint (OFC) (see the attached first screenshot), but no slot available for a consular visa interview (See the attached second screenshot).

My plan is to book a general appointment first and then apply for an “expedited appoinment” as my program date is starting on Feb 1, 2021.

Does anyone facing a similar issue before, in which you can not see available slots after MRV fees payment. How can I resolve this issue?

This is a very much common issues. Many are facing the same issue.
Keep looking for the slots. The US Consulates keep opening slots, you just need to find one. In the mean time, you can also write to the US Consulate or US travel docs and ask for guidance.