Us visa appointment scheduling not showing up on new website

I paid my visa fees in February this year and did not schedule my appointment the appointment I scheduled earlier I cancelled it in march so there was not appointment schedules as the website has updated now. It shows I have paid the fees but does not give any option to schedule a new appointment. It show option for appointment confirmation but there is no date on it just show my application number and pick up location. How can I schedule my appointment now? I have been calling the customer service everyday but no one is lifting call please help if anyone has solution for this

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I am on the same boat as you, I was getting some response to my email after 2 days, but then there is no resolution on how to schedule my turn yet. If you have an appointment scheduled already, it shows a Reschedule button, but if you it is canceled there is no button available to schedule our turns. That’s the case for us.

My receipt has expired on Oct 9, and I have been trying to get a resolution since Sep. It is really frustrating.