US travel docs website issues

Trying to sign up for interview waiver. I fill all the information in the website which I qualify. The website gets stuck/ becomes unresponsive once I have answered all the questions and does not proceed.

The window just says ‘loading…’ and shows a blue box with the words ‘drop off’

Did you try contacting VFS support?

I am having a similar issue as mentioned by OP. My mother B1/B2 expired less than 48 months ago, and she qualifies for interview waiver. I answered all the questions and it said "Congrats, You qualify for Interview Waiver. However, it does not proceed further. I did not get to the payment screen too. The window just says ‘loading…’ and shows a blue box with the words ‘drop off’.

I tried Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers.

I called customer service and they asked me to open a case under the profile. I opened a case on Sep 6 and got a generic reply to clear cache and update Java software (browser). Their message also said they will fix their problem soon.

I did cleared the browser cache. I am not sure whether any browser still uses Java. I am not sure how to proceed further. Any comments?

Did you try from a different PC?

I tried Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers. I also asked my cousin to try on her PC and she found similar error. It is frustrating since I am not able to do anything since Sep 6 and there is no support from the USvisascheduling website folks.

BTW: I used their new website for visa scheduling.

Did your problem get resolved? How? Please share the information.

How do I contact the customer care for technical issue. Every time it says line busy. Has anyone been able to talk to some representative? I am also stuck at profile creation for my parents visa. And I am not able to contact customer service number it is always busy and they are not responding to emails.

What should I do?.Please help

I am applying for a B1 visa from India. Since support-India email ID or
call is not responding after 3 business days I am seeking answers here for my
following query:
I had a B1 visa expired last year and hence qualified for drop-off option/
interview waiver while visa application. As drop off option will also take
around 1 month for final visa receival, I have selected’ interview’ option
thinking that I can make an emergency request ( as I planned my travel on
7th Oct.). While making emergency request, the application got submitted
automatically without attachment. I tried second time after receiving
‘denied’ email for my first request. Second time also, the application
submitted automatically and I received a ‘denied’ reply. Now the option for emergency request is no longer available.
Now I have requested US hosting institute for reschedule my visit
into Nov at least which they agreed. Now, I am trying whether drop of
option is possible in my existing visa application under the same visa
Only option I could see in my portal under ‘Manage appointment’ is ‘cancel appointment’. If I cancel my current interview appointment whether I need to pay the visa fee again?
If I need to pay visa fee again, I can pay. But is there any guarantee that
drop off option will be visible in my application portal, and, if visible, can
I complete the application without any technical error (as I experienced
technical error like automatic submission of request without completion of
the request) ?

I was unable to reach the technical team in India through the contact
02262011000 since the calls were getting unanswered after transferring to
the personals.

You should be able to cancel and reschedule using same fee reciept.