US travel docs account frozen?

Hello Everyone,

I am in urgent need of help. My and my husbands account is frozen on US travel docs, we are not able to schedule appointment.

Please if anyone can tell me the last available appointment date.

We are trying to emial the customer service on US travel doc to remove the lock.

Has anyone faced the same issue?

We have few users, who faced the situation. Nothing to worry. Just email them and you can call them during the day time, they will help out. Are you talking about Dropbox appointment or Visa stamping with interview appointment ?

We have to take dropbox appointment for him and visa stamping with interview appointment for myself. I called them up yesterday, but they said you can do nothing besides waiting for 72 hours :frowning:

Oh well, I guess we wait then…do update here.

I have the same issue… any updates as to what happened if the account was unlocked and how long did it take?

Amazing. What kind of shit website they run. That only tells the quality of service of CGI. I don’t know how they even get the contract with such shitty level of technology. What is there to lock you out for checking interview date times few times. How do people pick interview date time other than checking it out? What a load of BS.

@Akshay_Basavaraju, Sadly the website is really restrictive and does not allow even checking more than few times in a day…