US State Universities for MBA?


How much does the brand of a program matter for US MBA.

Are State Universities good for MBA in terms of reputation,ROI and ease of finding jobs?

Or Should I follow the ranking for Business Schools.

I am considering applying to a few State Universities in California …Can you recommed the better ones?

Also, I heard that US companies generally don’t sponsor H1B post MBA…Is that true…Will I have difficulties finding a sponsor even if I am in California.


MBA is an applied tool. It depends on what you plan to use it for. The school where I teach in Denver would so much benefit from students coming in from India as they will contribute enormously to local mid size to large businesses grow further internationally. In fact all Region 8 States (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas) will be helped. Do write to me at, also visit

This is not the right forum to ask for MBA.
It is good to get admitted to top 30 MBA colleges below that I do not see any value.

Please beware of agents form Universities who try to get students for their universities.

Yes it is true that for an MBA it is more difficult to get an H1B than for MS graduate.

It is important for you to choose Universities where there are lot of industries - e.g. CA, NY, PA, IL, WA, GA, NC

Stay away form ND,SD,CO,WY…these states have very less industries.