US Port of Entry while flying on Qatar Airways

H1B visa holder flying from India to Philadelphia through Doha on Qatar Airways. Where will US customs and immigration check happens? In Doha or at Philadelphia International Airport?

Philadelphia International will be you port of entry to USA, this is where you will have your immigration and customs done.


Technically(and indirectly) the actual high level(not detailed) Immigration VALIDATION would happen at your port of departure (India) for a valid visa stamped in your passport before boarding your first flight in the journey. But the detailed visa validation and status stamping(I-94) etc would be done where your feet touch US soil for the first time in your journey.


To add, Doha does not have pre-clearance location, it is only in Abu Dhabi. You can check US CBP Preclearance Locations

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Thanks Kumar. As none of my friends entered through Phily airport, they suspect no PoE at Phily for international travelers. they all said I should have chosen an itenary that lands in Newark, JFK or IAD.
Is it just lack of knowledge?

No, JFK is more popular and many travel there…But, does not matter, as long as the airlines lets you fly to a location in US directly, they would have Port of Entry in that place…It does not make any difference where you enter in US…