US Master completed, do I need evaluation of foreign Bachelor degree?


I have a tricky question, hope you can help me.

I have the following education and expirience in chemical engineering:

  • 5 year Bachelor+Master’s degree from a university in Spain

  • 1 year Master degree from a US university

  • Related experience: 1.5 year in Spain + 1.5 year with my current employer in US (in F1-OPT)

My employer will sponsor me for the H1B FY 2104 (change of status F1 to H1B).

My occupation is JobZone 4 (ONet), which requires a Bachelor degree and 2-4 years of experience.

Do I need to evaluate my degree from Spain to demonstrate that is equivalent or higher than the US Bachelor? Or, since the US Master had as an admission requisite to have a completed Bachelor, will it be sufficient to demonstrate that I have a US Bachelor equivalent or higher degree?

Hope I explained myself correctly.


This is best answered by the attorney handling your H-1 case, but this is what I think.

If it wasn’t a 4 year’s Bachelors but was an integrated Bachelor+Master course, and if it was not from a university well known in US, it’s best to get education equivalency done. If you want to skip it for now, that is also possible. If USCIS really has concerns about the qualification, then they will issue RFE for the same and you can submit the equivalency evaluation at that time.