US born child with Indian Visa - How to stay longer than 6 months in india?


I’m working in US on H1B visa and our child was born in US this month. I’m planning to get US passport and Indian Visa as we will be traveling to India after 4 months. How can our child stay for more than 6 months in India before coming back to US next year?

As i will be traveling from US to India in 4 months, its not possible to get US passport and OCI card before we travel. Hence, opting for Indian Visa for the child.

Please let me know the possible options. Thanks



Congratulations on the new baby. A US citizen by birth can stay wherever they wish with a valid visa where required without time restriction. You will need permission from home country government though even if this is an infant.

Thanks for the wishes and answer.
I do understand that we need to get home country permission(i.e, Indian Visa) to stay in India but its limited only to 6 months. I want to know the procedure to extend the stay in india for my child beyond 6 months using Indian Visa.
I know OCI card would help this but getting an OCI card before my travel date from US doesnt look like possible.

I have the same question as you had. Now i am in India. My daughter needs extension beyond 180 days and i can not apply oci from India at this point. Please let me know what procedure dis you follow to process the extension.

I am in the same situation.How to extend the stay for baby.Not sure which option to select in the FRRO site for stay extension.Really appriciate your help