Urgetn help needed : No I-94 with the h1b transfer


I came to US in Nov with the stamped h1b.I did the h1b transfer in Mar
2012 and I started working for that employer once the h1b approval

(1) We received an I-797B approval notice of our I-129 H1-B petition that says

“The above petition has been approved, and notification has been sent
to the listed consulte.”

(2) But we received another mail notice that baiscally says
“The petitioner requested consular processing on the Form 1-129
petition. But because the petitioner did not send the duplicate copy
of the petition while block “a” in Question 5 of Part 2 of the form
was checked”. So the action USCIS described is:

“The petitioner failed to include a duplicate copy; therefore, no copy
of the petition was forwarded to the Kentucky Consular Center for

and then they advised us to file I-824 that costs $405.

Somehow my employer didn’t see that notice and I started working for
him from Mar. Yesterday only he saw that notice and now I am not able
to understand what should I do ?
If we send the duplicate copy of documents now with the fees of 405 ,
will that work for me ?

Please advice me asap.

Am I out of status since I didn’t send those docs yet ?

if yes what should I do now ?

any help appriciated !!!