Urgently need assistance on H1b RFE


As my RFE deadline is  one  week away, I asked the current state  how the company is working on rfe.  The response was frustrated. They told me that since the company has never  filed h1b petition before , they coud not  prepare below #2 and #3.  I guess the final result should be denial without submitting  all the necessary documents. 

 Does anyone have similiar rfe?.  Whats the alternative  to make up  #2 and #3?. 

1. Documentation of how many other individuals in your establishment are currently, or were, employed in this position, supported by copies of employee's degrees and evidence of employment such as paystubs or Form W-2s, W-3s, or 1099s.

2.  Evidence showing that in your company and in similarly situated businesses in your industry, a baccalaureate degree in a specific field of study is a standard minimum requirement for the job offered. Attestations to industry standard must be for similar positions among companies in your industry of comparable size and function.

3.  Brief job descriptions for the majority or positions within the petitioner's employ and approximately how many individuals occupy such positions (to include job titles, duties and educations requirements)


Employer can keep the fake pay stabs if required as they have no option .