Urgent Request: Visa Stamping/Immigration


Actually, I am planning to travel to India after I receive the new H1-B approval notice (which got approved until June 6th, 2023, awaiting to receive it). Could someone provide clarification on a few questions in regards to immigration/visa stamping?

  1. I still have four months of valid stamped visa, can I travel to India next week and return to the USA in July before it expires? Or is it like there should be at least six months of valid stamped visa to return to the USA?
  2. I am into the sixth year of my H1-B, do you foresee any risks in regards to travel inbound to the USA from an immigration/port of entry perspective?
  3. I have a valid stamped visa (until Sep 29, 2022), can I attend dropbox upfront for visa stamping while I’m in India before it gets expired, or am I supposed to wait until it gets expired?
  4. Is it ok to travel to India while my GC is in processing (applied PWD 8 months ago and perm not filed yet)?

Looking forward to hearing from someone.


You can travel as far as the visa is valid. In fact you can travel a day before your visa expires.

No issues.

You can apply for new visa while the other is still valid.

Totally okay.

Thank you so much for your quick response.