Urgent query about my current H1 visa

I entered the US for the first time in June 2014 on H1 visa with two of my dependents on H4 visa. I was sent back by my employer to my home country in November 2014 after a few months, on a project. And the project successfully got done. Now I am willing to travel back but I am being unable to get in touch with my employer back in the US. I dont have the pay stubs of the period during which I was in my home country. I need to ask if I can still travel back to the US on the same visa without pay stubs or any other vacation or else proof of my absense from the US? Or the USCIS officer wont let me enter the US without these relevant documents?

FYI my and my dependents visa are still valid till Sep 2016. I hold a SSN myself too. And my I-797 is still with me. I am sure my visa or petition is not revoked but just need to be sure that if I can travel without pay stubs or vacation letter?

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