Urgent queries on H1B petition

My H1B petition is currently in RFE but i am getting a chance to go to UK for an year for another client. My question is a) how long is our H1B petition valid without getting it stamped?? b) If i get it stamped is there some minimum period that i have to enter USA after doing so?? c) Can i get H1B stamped in UK if its approved?? …thanks…

a) It is valid for the duration mentioned in the petition. What it means is that, if you get a H1B petition approval notice from December 2013 to May 2015, it is valid till the end date ( May 2015), you are free to for stamping anytime.

b) If you have applied with a Change of Status ( COS) from within the USA, then your status is automatically adjusted. But, if you are applying from other country, it should not matter, there is no limit, you can enter anytime before the visa expires. Your H1B status kicks in on the day you enter USA.

c) It depends on the consulate and country. In some countries, you can and some you cannot. You need to check with the consulate/ country consulate, you plan to get stamped. It would be mentioned on their website.