URGENT : Pls help for visa interview

I am working with company A and got H1B petition approved with company B in last year Sep. Due to some reason I delayed my visa stamping and traveling. Now I am planning to go for visa stamping tomorrow and I got revised offer letter from company B with date of joining as May-2016 first week. To justify the delay, can I answer that my project got delayed and I am going to join Company B in their India office in Mar-2016 and complete initial KT and than travel to US in first week of May-16 ? Is that acceptable answer during visa interview in above scenario ? Is there any technical issue in above reason for visa interview perspective ? Pls help.

Thanks in advance.

Although it’s a valid reason it may lead to additional line of questions.

What was the real reason? Can you tell that? Maybe you working w/ A on a project, which you didn’t want to leave in b/w.

Having said that, they often don’t ask about the delay.