URGENT Pls--Have B1 Visa , Got L2 Visa stamped . Can I travel in B1 tomorrow for 2 weeks for Urgent Business meeting


I have valid B1 visa which was Not Canceled when I applied for L2 , and recently got L2 visa( blanket) stamped . Due to my work where I have Business meeting, I need to travel to U.S tomorrow for 2 weeks.

L1A Applicant (my spouse) has not travelled yet to U.S where we plan as a family to move to U.S next month end after this B1 trip.

After some research here, I found that I can still travel on B1 Visa and I should declare B1 visa while entering U.S and also rules applied for B1 is valid while I’m in U.S .

Please do clarify, I will not any impact on L2 visa, in case, I travel to U.S now on B1 visa for 2 weeks.

Have a Great Day!! Hope to hear from veterans soon since I have limited time left .


You should not have any issue. Enter on B1 and exit in 2 week.