urgent please --H1B Stamped If petition expired then next is what

Hi All,

I got my H1B stamped from TCS and it expires on october 2016.

What if i didnt get any project upto october , again i had to go to lottery?

I heard that i should travel prior to 6 months of expiry of visa stamped date but not before 2 or 3 months of expiry date or else there will be a problem border protection force Q&A, is it true?

Thanks in advance.

Even if your petition/stamp expires, you are cap-exempt for 6 years. TCS or a different employer can file a cap-exempt petition (which doesn’t need to go through the lottery) for 6 years (6 years from original approval date as you have never traveled to US).

Thanks saurabh, i had another question as my petition is going to expire on october 12, by when my employer has to file extension is it before 6 months?what is cost of regular processing and premium processing?if extension filed before 3 months of expiration in regular my extension will be rejected?again i have to come back to india and try in cap exempt?

Extension can be applied at most 6 months in advance. However, if you are outside US, it can be done earlier as well.

Difference b/w regular and PP is $1225.00. I don’t remember the exact fees but it should be around $1000. Your company may be subject to additional $4000 fees. As always, all this need to be paid by the employer.