Urgent Need Help regarding L1B / H1


I am on L1B thru company A from 2009 and applied for extension this year. I got RFE, submitted the RFE response and got denial notice on 08/22/2012.

I have to receive the details of L1B rejecttion yet.

I have applied fresh H1 thru H1 Quota and got it approved on the same day 08/22/2012. I have to found out for how many year my H1 is approved.

As L1B extn is rejected, i need to immediately leave the country. As i cant start work with H1 till Oct 1st, is there a way that i can stay without leaving country. It would be difficult to get client interviews and client letters if I leave country and go for stamping.

P.S: My I-94 is expired on May 12th 2012. So, I am without proper status for 90 days during which my L1B Extn is processed and RFE response and RFE Denial.

Please provide your valued suggestions.

I think you gotta leave asap. I-94 expired, and your present L1B extension denied.
Do you have an offer from an employer who filed for your h1b?