Urgent: Name change after 12th and now i have 3 different name in all document. It will create issue in H1 b Visa?

I have changed my name from Rekha to Natasha after 12th. I have gazette but it is not in English. So all my degree documents have name Natasha. But by mistake in my first passport they have mentioned name Natashaben so i have corrected it and got my new passport with name Natasha.

Now i my employer is filing my H1 B. One person suggested to have 2 affidavit and he suggested to tell that i have changed my name twice in interview. So one affidavit Rekha to Natasha And another will be Natashaben to Natasha. Does 2 Notarized affidavits solve the issue??

Hi Natasha,
I have same type of scenario, I have changed my name after my post-graduation which was earlier Aman Kumar and changed to Aman Kumar Monga. I had suffixed my surname while applying for passport. Now all my academic certificates have “Aman Kumar” and certificate after my post-graduation (from all my employers) are with name “Aman Kumar Monga”, including my passport. Could you please suggest me, what did you do for it whilst you enrolled for H1B.
Did I need affidevit, newspaper where I have changed my name or anything else?

Your reply could be very precious to me.


Aman Kumar Monga