URGENT! my brothers sevis is terminated 5 days back


There is no pre information about it and the mail says no grace period. But every one are telling that he can stay upto 180 days. If he stays back for 2 months and gets new i20 and go to mexico and reenter will there be any problem. Please help us.

It got rejected since he took 2 online courses in the last sem. It is not informed to us while registering to next sem. After registration is done and after 10 days we got a mail and also let us know if reinstatement is better or crossing border and coming back with new sevis is better. this is his last sem and 3 months is left to complete his grad.


A new school can examine circumstances and reinstate the SEVIS - this can be done if the DSO of the new school agrees in discussion with their dean of admissions who will call the present school


Thank you sir. Will there be any problem while coming back at the port of entry. As he doesn’t have any grace period but all this process take atleast 15 days.


No, a new SEVIS is important but it is not a travel document - simply verifies intent of the non-immigrant. He should be okay at point of entry. I hope the I-94 dates are okay because an overstay confuses matters a little.