Urgent - L2 visa answers for husband

Hi ,

My husband is presently working with a good finance company. I am applying for L1B and he is applying along with me for L2 visa. What would be appropriate answers for him for the following questions?

  1. You are working with a good company in India, why do you want to go to US?

  2. For how long do you plan to go? (I am getting transferred there so plan to go for 3 years or so)

  3. Do you plan to work in US in the future?

  4. Does the visa approval chance of L2 applicant increase if he is not working in India when applying for visa interview?

  1. I can always return to this job. My wife needs my support and presence right now and I can’t do that long distance.

  2. I expect to be travelling back and forth because there are family obligations; for now the plan is to go for 1 year.

  3. No plans to work but definitely look forward to exercising my option to expand on my skill-sets by studying further.

  4. No, it doesn’t matter. L-2 approval rates are 98.4%.

Q why are you not applying for tourist visa?

A My wife is on L-1 so the correct visa status for me would be L-2. I am not travelling as a tourist.

Q How will healthcare be taken care of?

A. I have been added as dependent on my wife’s healthcare plan.

If they ask, are you going to leave your job in India and go to US?

Answer: It will not be fair on the company to not have anyone in my absence. A temporary contractor will be hired in my place until I return.