Urgent - L1 to H4 Visa Conversion In USA

Hi ,

I am on L1-B Visa and currently working in USA. My L1-B visa expires on 29th Jan 2013. I am planning to apply for the L1-B Visa Extension by Oct 2012. My Wife is also working in USA on H1B Visa.

My Question is : In case my L1-B extension is not approved by November 2012 Can I apply H4 Visa from USA ? If Yes whether it is mandatory for me to return to India once my H4 status is in approved or i can continue in US as dependent without stamping ?.

Also since my L1-B is valid only upto 29th Jan 2013 , if i apply H4 by November 2012 and status for H4 remains pending after my L1-B expiry ( i.e 29th Jan 2013) can i still continue in US until i receive final decision on my H4 ?

Your Reply will be of great help in this regards

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Yes you can apply for conversion L1B to H4. You can stay in US no need for stamping as of now. But if you travel to india you need to go for stamping. For your last question what is ur I 94 end date.



Thanks for your reply.

My I 94 end date is 29th Jan 2013.