Urgent : How do I plan my wife visit to usa.

I have my visa petition approved. I want to take my wife to usa as well. but she is expecting a baby.So i have 2 questions.

  1. Is it financially feasible to have a baby in usa or india.I dont know about insurance in usa and need to talk to my employer.Company is desi company and paying around 50000$ anually to me . Can you highlight some points which i can ask the employer, which will help me in taking the decision.

  2. If we plan the baby in india and my wife comes after an year of my us visit .Will it affect her h4 visa. will my son require a visa.

  1. You can ask the employer about the insurance plan they provide. Next you can check w/ the insurance company to know how much of it will be covered. If you opt for HMO then most of the delivery charges are covered, while in PPO you may have to pay some money. So this is what you need to ask employer - insurance plan, insurance company, co-pay, deductible.

  2. It will not effect her H-4 visa, and your child will also require his/her own visa stamp.