Urgent Help Regarding H1B DS160 Form

Hi All,

AM planning for Stamping and i need to Fill DS160 form… What should be my answers for below fields.

Who is Sponsoring Your Trip.

US Contact Name : Contact Details ( Here should i give Employer Details or any person whom i know)

Hi Vishal,

Just remember one thing very clearly - By law its only and only the employer who should be sponsoring your trip.

So you should give the name of the Contact as your immediate manager (that’s what I did) and if not then the client manager. I filled the DS-160 a year back, I think it also asks for the designation of the person so it would be better if you put the name of a person whom you know and has a good designation. Eg. Mr. John Doe - Principal Consultant.

All the best :slight_smile:

Thanks Prasenjit… Thank you… Can i give my Company name as sponsor…