Urgent help needed on L2 visa questions for spouse/husband

I would like to know the answers of few L2 visa questions for spouse. In case spouse is husband.

My Wife’s L1 got approved but but she is still in India, she will be travel to US after some days but my interview is schedule after 2 days. I am also currently working in MNC and already resigned from the company. I have Valid B1/B2 VISA and i traveled once to US. Now i am going for L2 interview,

Can anyone help me on the below questions?

  1. Why do you have to go to the US?

  2. Will you work in U.S?

  3. What action will you take once your visa expires?

4. Do you plan to quit or job before you go?

5. Why have you applied for the L2 visa separately?

6. Why have you not applied for a L2 visa when your spouse applied for a L1 visa?

7. What action will you take once your visa expires?

8. How will you spend your time the whole day when your spouse is at work?

9. Did you arrange for the interview on your own or did someone help you?

Please do the needful.Thanks

  1. Yes

  2. No (as L-2 doesn’t allow you to work. You can apply EAD later, which would then allow to work)

  3. Extend if L-1 holder’s visa is being extended

  4. Say the truth

  5. Personal reasons, busy when wife appeared etc - the truth

  6. Same as (5)

  7. Same as (3)

  8. Watch movies whatever

  9. Truth