Urgent help needed - L1 Visa expired, I-129S expired, I-94 Valid, can I stay and work?


This might be a dumb question, so apologies in advance.

I am on L1 B Blanket visa and below are my visa related expiry dates:

I129S - expired on 1-JUL-2015
Visa - expired on 1-JUL-2015
I-94 - Valid till 25-JUL-2017

  1. Since my I129S petition has expired in JUL-15, can I stay and work in USA with expired petition, expired visa and with valid I-94?

2a) If answer is yes, do I need to do anything?
2b) If answer is no, what should be my next step?

Appreciate your response.

Best regards,


  1. Yes, in case of L-1 you can stay and continue to work on the basis of I-94

  2. Remember to file I-94 extension when your I-94 is 6 months away from expiration