Urgent Help needed : I-129 validity expired


Please help me with the below scenario

My i94 and i-797B are valid till 2017 Dec. But my visa and I-129 (end date mentioned) is expired by 2015 Dec. The reason for this discrepancy is while my current employer filed for amendment, the date got extended by USCIS by mistake.

What will happen if I go for a H1 transferWhat will happen if I am going back to India with current employer and try to extend the visaIn this case, I am eligible to stay in USA?Please help me with your valuable advice

  1. Probably your employer also requested for extension of dates when applying for amendment and that’s why extended 797 was issued. Employers can do that. Did you check with attorney about what documents were submitted during amendment filing? No issues with H-1 transfer as you have valid 797 and I-94 and that’s what matters.

  2. Same as (1)

  3. I think so but check with attorney about the docs to be sure.