Urgent help needed: H1B VIsa Extension query

My Original Petition was valid until July 1st 2018 then an amendment was filed, my visa got stamped with the amendment’s receipt number and validity until July 1st 2018, then another amendment was filed for another location,it was pending at the time of travel from India to US. My i94 has validity until July 1st 2018 with the receipt of previous amendment, now the second amendment was approved while i was in US and has validity until 30th March 2018, i came to India on a vacation and planning to return back to US on 25th March.

Now i am not sure at POE if they will refer to my latest amendment and give the i94 validity end date as 30th March itself which was previously 1 July 2018, my latest amended i797 has validity until 30th march only so i am in a dilemma if i should travel back a week early to avoid any issues at POE and if they ask for i797 then should i give the previous i797 which was valid until July 1st or the latest one valid until 30th March.

Also do i need to go for another stamping since my amendment was approved in US

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Can someone please advise