Urgent - H1B to H4

Hi ,

so here is my situation , I am on H1B Visa ( with 1 years left) and currently working . due to some un-avoidable situation i need to move from H1B to H4. I know I can not work on H4 . My question is–

  1. after couple of months ( 2-3 months) can I Change my H4 to H1B ?

  2. If i Change from H4 to H1B will i Get my 2 years from old H1B or 6 years as New H1B?

  3. whether H4 to H1B conversion can be filed any time in a year or I have to wait til 2017 April.

  4. While I am on H4 can I Study without F1 - ?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  1. Yes

  2. You will receive 6 years minus time already spent in US on H-1.

  3. Anytime

  4. Yes, you can enroll in school. Check w/ school about the fees.

Thank you . This was a great help