Urgent !! H1B stamping 221g -blue slip

Hi All,
I attended H1B interview on 12-Feb-2016 @ Chennai consulate along with my dependents H4( wife and kid)
Unfortunately i got 221g blue slip marking " Additional administrative processing required before making final decision" and VO mentioned he mostly would not need any other documents and retained our passports. VO officer asked couple of questions on my previous B1/B2 visits. Actually i stayed 5 months in B1/B2 visa in my previous company almost 5 years back. I never over stayed and stayed within the i-90 period. After that i never travelled to US.Think might be the reason for my 221g.

After the interview i didn’t receive any notification for the additional documents.

The status is shown as "Administrative processing " in the consular site.
Case creation date : 11-Feb-2016
Status update date : 12-Feb-2016

However for my wife and kid there is some update.
Case creation date : 11-Feb-2016
Status update date : 23-Feb-2016

Tracking the passport in ustravedocs site is giving strange answers. Until 26-jan-2016 it was showing like “passport is with consulate” But after that i am getting message “There is no status update available for the passport number submitted”
I am worried about why this status got changed from 26 jan that no information available ? Is this normal ?
Does anyone in AP had this experience. By looking into my details is there anything positive that i can infer ? This waiting time is really frustrating and painful. Kindly let me know your comments which would really helpful in such a tough waiting time of my life …


It’s a positive sign that they retained the passports. Don’t read too much into online status as they are not always 100% reliable. You can call them to get updates. Unfortunately the processing can take its own sweet time.

Hi Saurabh,

While tracking the CEAC status i don’t see any movement in my status. However for my dependents (H4) the status update date is getting regularly updated . Earlier it was 23-Feb-2016 and now it is updated to 17-March-2016. What does it mean ? Can we assume some progress is happening in this case/ is it just a normal thing ?

Please let me know.

Their processing is like a blackbox. One can’t say with certainty that regular update is happening based upon last updated date.