Urgent - H1B Extension went to RFE - Need info

Dear friends,

I believe some of you were in the same boat as me, a while ago !

This is regarding H1B extension . Unfortunately I never received any RFE’s and this is my first experience so I am very confused and tensed. :frowning: ;(

Below are the list of things they expect from my side. I dont have any idea on few items… If you had undergone the same situation as me and I would be really really grateful if you share the documents with me.

Valid and Signed SOW CRITICAL - My company can help .

Milestone Plans - Please help / guide .

Purchase Orders - Please help / guide .

Invoices/Payment Advices - Please help / guide . Is it just Payslip ?

Organizational Chart for the U.S. project showing the associate’s TCS reporting hierarchy CRITICAL - Please help / guide .

Associate’s Offer Letter and Terms of Employment, Benefits Summary, and any Promotion or Salary Letters CRITICAL – Please help / guide .What is terms of employment and Benefits summary

Full U.S. contact information for the associate’s direct supervisor at the U.S. project location CRITICAL - My company can help .

    (Please include the Name, Position, phone number, TCS email address, and work location address of the associate's supervisor) 

Expecting your reply with eager hearts. Hope your case would have end in a happy path.

Email id: E-mails are not allowed

If you are applicant get in touch with your employer. They will be able to help you out along with their attorney…

In case you an employer get in touch with an attorney…

Milestone plans is projects in coming year in queue.

Purchase order /Invoice etc. is your billing receipt that employer gives to your client after receiving your billing.

Send offer later and latest increment letter illustrating your pay package and other benifits like insurance etc.

Hi Subhro ,

Can you please help me with the Milestone plan document .Can you please share any templet or sample document . my email id -ankitanayak999999@gmail.com