URGENT:::H1B cap exemption utilization(urgent)

I was been to USA on 2011 to 2013 on L1 visa during stay I applied for H1B lottery and approved with COS AUG2013 (petition 2013 to 2016) , once approved I am out of USA on same month due to personal reasons and my L1 Visa expired(Apr 2014)

I reapplied with new L1 stamped(oct 2015) and came to USA recently on Nov 2016, I would like to utilize my old H1B CAP EXEMPTION once, need more details

  1. I am not contact with my h1b applied company, Currently I have receipt number can I look any new employer with H1b receipt number they can transfer now L1 to H1? If so, what documents I need to give them?

  2. Since H1B premium processing stopped by April, my new employer can apply to convert status what is idle time (l1 to h1) or Can I work immediately even in processing

  3. My dependent are still not yet stamped in my current visa L1 still out of USA, Do I need to stamp them now L1 or once I converted to H1 do I need stamp ( need suggestion)

4)Need to know any consulancty urls or portals who apply for H1B CAP exemption ?

Worst forum ??!! No update all r just watching