URGENT : H1 Transfer before Visa Stamping


I am planning to go to india for vacation and I will have to go for stamping as I have recently got my H1 extension.

My query is, if I change job and get my H1 transfer, how safe it is to do H1 transfer immediately after H1 extension?

Also if H1 transfer is done, will it cause any problem if I have spent just around 15-30 days with new company and then traveling to india before stamping? I mean would my visa stamping chances get hampered because of that?

I really require urgent help on these questions.


It is not an issue to change jobs just after H-1 extension has been approved. It is also not an issue to go for stamping 15-30 days after joining the new employer. All this fine as long as you have a valid H-1 job and maintaining legal status.