Urgent : Fathers Name issue for H1B application in April 2013



[b]I am looking forward to apply for H1B visa in coming April 2013[/b].I have read reagrding process of H1B,and have some doubts regarding my case.Please help out.


[b]The issue is of my father's name.[/b]


As per all my documents (except voter card) my father name written is :[b] Rohan Singh Paashar[/b]


But my father's own identifcation proof is of :Rohan Singh[b].[/b]


Is this a cause of conern,that can cause denial or RFE?If yes,then please guide what can be done to prevent it.


My documents bearing fathers name asRohan Singh Paashar:

Passport,Driving license,PAN,All education certificates


My documents beating fathes name as Rohan Singh:

Voter ID Card


I can change my fathers name in company records ,before filine intitates.Which name shall I use.


Do I need to get my fathers name changed from my documents?


I am really confuesd,please help me out at the earliest.

This will not be an issue w/ H-1 processing.