URGENT -- Employer not paying salary for the last 5 months.

I came to US in last week of December 2014 as my Petition is valid from 1st Jan 2015. Since then my employer has not paid any salary till date. Now he is saying that he is not having any project and the project which he has shown to me was a fake project.In January 2015, I got my SSN, In Feb 2015, I got my Driving License and opened my Bank Account in BOA.Should I approach the Department of Labor? If yes then what will be the consequences?All your suggestions are highly appreciated.

How are you living without salary from 5 months? has he taken care of your day to day expenses ?

You should contact a lawyer and you should file a complaint. There are protections for H1b workers. Namely your employer must pay you the wage specified in your LCA. Please document and save all communications. If you talk in person or on the phone, write down exactly what was said. Once you complain your employer will be forced to pay your back wages. Also you can use that in lieu of paystubs for your transfer. Good luck and please update us with how it went.

Employer provided me a Guest House.

Should I contact to DOL directly? Lawyers are charging very high fees even for general counselling.

I came to my friends place in May 2015.

Employer is not replying on my emails.

Not responding is evidence in itself. While getting a lawyer is always better, you can fill this out yourself: http://www.dol.gov/whd/forms/fts_wh4.htm