**Urgent** Email from consulate. Got I797s from two employers.

Hi Folks, I live in Singapore and working here for about 6 years now. In 2014, my H1b application got picked up with case number xxxx through company A. I went for the visa interview in Chennai consulate in Jan’2015. My case went into administrative processing and I did not get my visa. Later I got another offer from a better company B and we did a H1B transfer. I got my new I-797 with a new case number yyyy. Last week, I got an email from Chennai Visa Consulate, asking for my acknowledgement on withdrawing my case number xxxx or you may continue to wait for the administrative processing. Please advise, on below. > How are I-797s from both the companies are linked as both have different case numbers? Is my transfer valid, I heard that contradicting information from different employers regarding the transfer in my case as I was never on US on H1 Visa. > Should I reply them or ignore without replying > If I have to reply, should I ask them to withdraw previous case number xxxx or leave it for administrative processing > Since my transfer of H1B is initiated with previous case number xxxx, will it have any impact if I ask them to withdraw my previous case or should I wait for administrative processing > Since both the case numbers are different, what is the appropriate action to take Thank you.

Do you have the approved I-797 from company B or just the receipt notice? that part is confusing when you say case #

Firstly, there is nothing called “transfer” - it is considered a new petition but cap-exempt.

You should definitely reply and not ignore. What to reply depends on what you want to do - i’m assuming you liked company B’s offer and hence agreed to it. So if that is approved, you should withdraw your visa application for company A (anyway with 221g it looks like it is not going anywhere)

end of day, you cannot have 2 approved petitions from 2 diff employers and worse… expect visa stamps for both. That is what USCIS is looking to do.

IMO, withdraw your compnay A visa app and proceed with company B.

Thank you for your reply.

I am sorry with my case # terminology. What I mean is that I have a different receipt number and yes I got the approval notice (I797) from company B.

So, if I withdraw my application for H1b visa on company A, does it have any kind of effect on my petition for Company B as I got the Company B’s petition by submitting Company A’s petition to be cap exempt.

Where should I attend the visa interview this time? Just to let u know, I attended for company A in chennai, India even though I am working in Singapore for past 6 years. (heard that chances of getting my visa stamped are very high in India than in Singapore). Got a 221g the first time. If I attend now in Singapore, will the Visa Officer redirect me to chennai as I initially attended there?

Not sure how the situation is in Singapore now!!