Urgent : DS 160 form Employment question for B2 visa

Hi All,

I filled DS-160 forms for my mother and father and about to send them for Bio-metric. Haven’t yet scheduled the interview. My question is : My Father is working in a private sector basically as a marketing manager for a business ( Furniture & Mattresses ) Business. He will not have a regular pay check and the income depends on the purchase of the products by clients. The business has a physical location to show and he has a business card to show his designation and address of the company. He is also parallelly working as a LIC agent which is a like a part time job. He gets money if 12 people makes policies per yer under his guidance. He Files taxes in India and since his business money is not taxable, he files taxes for money earned through LIC. But, his annual income based on LIC’s is only Rs.30,0000- 50,000 per year.

He is 63 years old and the amount is sufficient to support my mom. They both take care of their expenses. My brother is working in India and my sister is married/ working in India. I am working abroad/Married. I am planning to get them here for 2 months. My concern is what should i show his employment in DS-160. As a business person (marketing manager) or LIC agent. If asked proof, we can provide proofs for LIC agent however it is not his primary occupation and has less amount in tax forms. Social ties to country are we have a home and my siblings still in India. My mom is a retired school teacher. Getting scared to send them for interview because of my dad’s occupation. Please help me out and any help is greatly appreciated.

In short :

Let me know if any of the below options about employment details works out:


Pros : Form16’s of past 10 years are available,these can serve as income proof.

cons : Income is low varies between 26k to 50k per annum.

  1. Business XYZ

Pros :

Cons : No income proofs are available. (we can manage to get some work experience letter,i don’t think we can get solid income proof).

Please can someone respond if they had experienced any similar situation with parents.