Urgent:Do I need to be on F1 for 1 year before applying OPT(I will get 4-5 month after F1 aproval and I am on H4)


I have started my MS on January 21st 2015 on H4. Now Its almost 9 month passed .

I just applied for F1(student Visa) on 1st September 2015.I will complete my course by May 2016.Then I am planning to start Job on OPT.

I have following questions

  1. Is it fine if I don’t maintain 1 year F1 visa status before applying OPT (Because I have already completed 9 months on H4 and will get 5-6 month after F1 approval)

  2. In my I-20 form (which I received from the university ) Course start date is mentioned as 08 Sept 2015 and End Date as May 2017 although I started Jan 2015.Will it cause any problem at the time of applying OPT?

Could any one please help me in this situation.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards

I am also in same situation. But I am going india for F1 as its taking 5-6 months for COS from H4 to F1.

I have also recieved I20 with future course start date.

Please help.