Urgent !Can you change EAC number and employer details after taking h1b stamping dates?


My current employer did not file for my h1b exten. so I joined company B and did visa transfer but company B has no projects as I am on bench since Sept 1st . So I joined Company C who has project but currently they are filling for my visa .

My questions are.

  1. I am getting married on Dec 1st so I will be going to India. My previous H1b was stamped but it expired on 1st September . As I know its very difficult to get H1b stamping dates in Dec so I am Planning to take H1b stamping dates based on Company B’s I797 and change it later to Company C as I plan to work for company C only.

  2. Is it possible for me to change DS-160 with company C’s information (EAC number and etc once i receive I 797.) after taking Stamping dates on Company B’s data ? and keep same dates?

  3. How many times can I take Stamping dates?

Please let me know,

If the current visa stamp expires in Sep, then you should be eligible for Dropbox and no prior appointment is needed. Did you check your eligibility?

Will the spouse need H4 visa?

No Spouse does not need H4,

Do I need to fill DS 160 in order to check dropbox eligibility? If yes which employer information should I fill? Company B who currently holds my Visa and change it later to company C as I will be working with C

Appreciate your help

There is a page on ustraveldocs site that has Dropbox eligibility requirements. Usually if the previous visa has expired less than 365 days ago and your previous stamping didn’t receive security annotation, then you should be eligible.

If you are eligible for Dropbox then you can complete DS form once you have C’s approval and then just drop the docs (no appointment needed)