URGEN: H1B denied(10/3/16) & OPT expiring on (10/7/16) any grace period and next steps?

Hi Sir,

My situtaion:

10/3/16: My case(H1B) updated as decision denied.

10/7/16: My OPT EAD is going to expire

As i did my MBA i don’t have STEM extension.

Please help me out with in this situation and what are my next steps

Should i take an admit in any University right now, where i can get admit to stay in status?(The only option i have is Herguan university as the classes are yet to start on 10/14/16, But i scared to join heard it is blacklisted etc…)

OR If i take admit for next Spring(Jan 2017) will my SEVIS still be active?

will i have any grace period?

Because i am planning for MTR(re open my H1b case) also meanwhile.

I am really scared sir, you replied my previous questions also please try to help me out.

Your reply will be really helpful to me.

Once your EAD expires. You cannot work under any situation. You have 60 days of grace period to stay in USA before going out of status.

“F-1 status until the expiration of their OPT. Once that OPT has ended, they are authorized to remain in the United States for up to 60 days to prepare for departure”

Source: https://www.uscis.gov/archive/archive-news/questions-and-answers-extension-optional-practical-training-program-qualified-students

Thank you sir,
I applied to a school for SPRING’2017 to retain my F1 status as there are no schools available right now.
I can still stay in USA legally until my program starts right?
Only thing is that i cannot work until my program starts.
Please guide on this if you have any info.