Upstream global services h1b

Hi All,

Does anybody apply h1b through Upstream global services?

I got a call from them. They are charging around 230000 INR. Anybody has any info on this?


Even I got call from upstream. They are asking the same amount . I am not sure they are authenticity

they are not good! my h1 took more than a year to get RFE, and they stopped replying to me after that even after tens of emails…they are fishy…i lost 2.5L be careful…they are not transparent…they need to bring down by uscis and us government they are scammers and were running with different name software pundits …

Did anyone applied via this company successfully. I don’t see even a single positive review. @sunnybleskies32 did u get your visa or not. Please update.

did you apply via them?

Yes ,I have applied in Mar 2019,I got receipt number from them,but till now no update on my status ,they told I got RFE but they have not shared new receipt number with me not sure previous one is mine or not because anyone can update name on anyone receipt and we can’t check that in USCIS website as its shows only status of that application not applicant names,now I am also worried,they are the right people or not.

Recently i got call from same consultancy(upstream global services) with different person (Prakash) asking me to fill H1b through his consultancy, please check this number it might help you - +19088424916. May be ask him like this way, i got your number through one friend Nagaraju and want discus with you rearding H1b then u can catch them.

i’m also in the same situation - did you get any update on your petition later on