Updating international office of the university about the job.

Hi! I am F1 student in opt (ending in july 2013, no opt extension) with a bachelor of science in Accounting & minor is Computer Information System. But I am working in IT. I am working in a company x through a consultancy y. I updated to my university that I was working as a Business Analyst even though I was getting training in Oracle Weblogic Admin , thinking that I had to match the job with my dergree. After few months, I got a job through the same consultancy as an Oracle Weblogic admin in another state but I haven’t updated my university about it.

        My consultancy will be filing for my H1b in April 2014(not my client company) thogh I am working for client company x. So, don't know what to update to my University. Whether I should say I am working in clent company x through my consultancy y and change job title to Oracle Weblogic admin or just leave like it is which is Business Analyst in consultancy y? But again, my consultancy will be giving me letter which has to be printed on client company x's letter head and signed by the manager. I don't want to have problems later on whle filing H1b because this job is not updated to university or on my I-20.

I don't know how this H1b works from consultancy,as we will be working for another real company in different field than our major?

Once the H-1 files and becomes active, your employer becomes the company filing the H-1 (i.e. the consulting company). You should let the DSO know about this company. If they want to know the job description, then you can mention about the specifics like you will be working for client xxx on yyyy.

Thanks Saurabh, but for now my main concern is: whether to report to my university that I am working as a oracle Weblogic/ Tuxedo administrator in a client company x or not? Because I had reported long time ago that I am working as a Business Analyst in consultancy y.

IMO, one should always remain truthful in such matters. If you mention something else to DSO (who then puts it in the SEVIS record) and later your H-1 is filed through same employer for a different role/position - it will cause a discrepancy.